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What we do

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still feel like you have nothing to wear? Let Garment Hub help you make the most out of your clothing, from the time you purchase to the time you discard it. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and exceptional quality, all at fair prices that work for you and your budget. 

Our Services 

  • Co-create a garment with a designer

  • Customized tailoring

  • Garment mending/repair

  • Upcycling of old garments into something new

  • Responsible recycling of unwanted clothing

  • Classes to help you learn the basics of fit, styling, and garment care.

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Sustainable fashion is about investing in well-made clothing that you need and will last for years. It’s also about investing in pieces to compliment your existing wardrobe.
— Kira Simpson, The Green Hub

Success Stories


before-after shirt resize.jpg


After a quick measurement consultation, we were able to take in the shirt at the the mid-section, sleeves, and neck, giving David the more handsome, youthful look he was going for!


David bought a shirt for a business conference and realized it didn't fit him that well. He felt very boxy in it and said he thought it made him look older than he is. 





Natalie was frustrated when she got the dreaded "thigh hole" on each leg of her favorite pair of jeans. 


One quick trip to our shop and her jeans were as good as new!



upcycle dress.jpg


Tasha found an old dress in her mom's closet that was ugly and out-dated but made of a really lovely forest green cotton blend fabric. 


We provided her with a much more updated look by shortening the sleeves and creating a gorgeous sheath dress out of that bulky skirt. 


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