gARMENT design

Wanna hone your personal style? Meet with a designer to co-create a garment that is made just for you. Create a personalized piece together that will fit you perfectly and show off your individual look.

Starting at $150 (7).jpg


Wanna look like a million bucks in that new dress, stunning power suit, or sharp slacks? Bring your pieces to us and we will make them fit you like a glove!

Hems- starting at $15

Take In or Let Out- starting at $15

Zippers- starting at $15

Pockets- starting at $10



Got a hole in your jeans? Your favorite top faded? Got a stain you can’t get out? Drop off or mail in your garments to us and we will fix them for you!

Buttons- starting at $5

Hole Mending- starting at $5

Stain Removal- starting at $5

Miscellaneous Repairs- starting at $10

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Have some items in your closet that you don’t feel good in but can’t let go of? Our designers will help you take garments that aren't working for you and snip, clip, and stitch them into a different piece that you'll love for years to come!

Starting at $40

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Once your garment has lead a good life and it’s time to let go, bring it in and we will recycle it responsibly for you. We partner with USAgain to recycle garments, diverting them from landfills.



Ready to bring something in? Check out our Sending Us Your Garments page for details on dropping off or mailing in your garments.